What is Simplex?

Simplex is the basic class used in SIMPLEXpress to store a model and process matches against the model. Simplex is designed to be easier to read and write compared to standard regex. The priority with Simplex models is ease of use.

Using Simplex

Including Simplex

To include Simplex, use the following:

#include "simplexpress/simplex.hpp"

Creating a Simplex

A Simplex object is created by whatever means is convenient.

When the Simplex is first created, you must specify the model you are using to process matches. A onestring (from PawLIB) is preferred, but for models using only char, you can define it in the declaration, too:

// Using onestring
onestring model = "^d/";
Simplex simplex(model);
// Using char
Simplex char_simplex("^l/");

The major functions of Simplex, match, snag and lex, can be also used without creating a Simplex object. (See the function pages for details on use.) Creating a Simplex object is the more efficient of these two methods when you will be reusing the model, however.