SIMPLExpress Tests

For instructions on using the SIMPLExpress Tester, see console.

Test Namespaces

Because we use Goldilocks for multiple projects at MousePaw Media, we follow certain conventions for test and suite IDs.

The Live-In Testing Standard defines the first part of the ID. For example,

  • X- refers to the SIMPLExpress project.

  • s is a suite, while t is a test.

  • B is a “behavior” test, and S is a “stress” test, etc.

The first digit indicate the major sector of SIMPLExpress the suite and its tests are related to. The second digit is the specific sector, usually a single class.

Currently, we have just a few test sectors delineated in SIMPLExpress.




Simplex class




Integration Tests

Any subsequent digits indicate the test number. A number may be shared between behavior and stress tests; both use the same implementation, but vary in their variables (such as iterations).