Finding Support

If you have any trouble with MousePaw Media projects, we invite you to contact us!

Supported Topics

We officially offer support for the following:

  • Compiling and linking to PawLIB.

  • Using PawLIB.

  • Using the PawLIB Tester.

  • Building and linking to MousePaw Media’s libdeps repository with supported compilers.

We only support use of PawLIB using the supported compilers and environment (see Environment and Dependencies).


Due to the complexities of running GCC and Clang on Microsoft Windows, we do not necessary offer support for that operating system. If you are certain that you are running a supported environment on Microsoft correctly, you ARE still welcome to contact us.

Questions about use of CPGF should be directed to that project instead (

Community support is available for all C++-related questions via the ##c++-friendly chatroom on Freenode IRC.

Contacting Support

  • Email:

  • Freenode IRC: #mousepawgames

  • Phabricator Ponder on DevNet (available 7am-10pm PST / 1400-0500 UTC).

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

If you encounter a bug in PawLIB, or would like to see a feature added, we encourage you to file a report on DevNet Phabricator Maniphest.


We do not monitor pull requests or issues on GitHub!

To file a bug report or feature request:

  1. Go to DevNet During hours (7am-10pm PST / 1400-0500 UTC), click Connect Now.

  2. Click Phabricator from the main menu.

  3. Sign in using your GitHub account. If this is your first time…

    • Authorize the DevNet [MousePaw Media] OAuth App.

    • Thoroughly read and agree to the Community Rules. We kept those concise, to make them easier to read and understand.

  4. On the Phabricator menu at left, select Maniphest.

  5. In the upper-right corner, select Create Task and choose either Bug Report or Feature Request.

  6. See the link at the top of that form for instructions on how to craft a useful bug report or feature request.