PawLIB Tester Console

PawLIB also provides a tester application, which will allow you to run any of Goldilocks tests and benchmarks using GoldilocksShell.

In addition to the various tests, we’ve provided comparative tests in our suites, to facilitate performance comparisons of PawLIB against the standard alternatives. See Benchmarker Output for details on reading the benchmarker statistics and results.

See Using PawLIB for instructions on how to build the PawLIB Tester.

Once it’s built, you can run the tester from within the PawLIB repository via ./tester.

For PawLIB test and suite ID naming conventions, see PawLIB Tests.

Interactive Mode

We can start Interactive Mode by running the tester application without arguments, via ./tester. Type commands at the >> prompt.

All commands are detailed under Interactive Mode.

Command-Line Mode

We can run tests and suites by passing arguments to our ./tester application. This is especially useful if you want to run tests in a automated manner, such as with a continuous integration system.

You can get help via ./tester --help.

Multiple commands may be run in a single line. They will be executed in order.

All commands are detailed under Command Line Argument Mode.