PawLIB Tests

For instructions on using the PawLIB Tester, see PawLIB Tester Console.

Test Namespaces

Because we use Goldilocks for multiple projects at MousePaw Media, we follow certain conventions for test and suite IDs.

The Live-In Testing Standard defines the first part of the ID. For example,

  • P- refers to the PawLIB project.
  • s is a suite, while t is a test.
  • B is a “behavior” test, and S is a “stress” test, etc.

The first digit indicate the major sector of PawLIB the suite and its tests are related to. The second digit is the specific sector, usually a single class.

The current sectors are delineated exhaustively in the table below. Not all sectors have tests implemented yet. x indicates that another number is needed.

ID Sector
0x Data Types
01 Trilean
1x Data Structures
10 FlexArray
11 FlexMap
12 FlexQueue
13 FlexStack
14 SimplyLinkedList
15 FlexBit
16 Pool
20 IOChannel
30 PawSort
4x OneString (Sector)
41 OneChar
42 QuickString
43 OneString
5x Blueshell
6x Utilities

Any subsequent digits indicate the test number. A number may be shared between behavior and stress tests; both use the same implementation, but vary in their variables (such as iterations).

An asterisk (*) at the end of test ID indicates that it is a comparative test, used only for benchmarking.